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Victoria Beach is a rural municipality located on the southeastern shores of Lake Winnipeg. It is located off of Highway #59, approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi) north of Winnipeg, the provincial capital of Manitoba, Canada. It has a land area of 20.279 km² (7.83 sq mi), making it the smallest rural municipality in Manitoba.

It is slightly less than half the size of the next-smallest Rural Municipality of East St. Paul. It lies on a small peninsula that extends into Lake Winnipeg and is almost completely surrounded by the lake. The RMVB shares a small southern land border with the Rural Municipality of Alexander. Elk Island Provincial Park lies on an island in the north end of the municipality.

Some of the finest beaches in Manitoba are located within the boundaries of this municipality.  Victoria Beach has a permanent population of approximately 400 residents, but during the summer vacation season the population can swell to well over 5,000 people. The municipality has no campgrounds, no picnic areas, no public toilets, and no change facilities. From the Thursday closest to the 23rd of June to the Monday of the September Labour Day weekend, the vehicle restricted area is off limits to most vehicle traffic.

The resort community is operated by The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach for the purpose of providing permanent residents and cottagers with a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere, without excessive public traffic and commercialization.