Seasonal Water Systems - Update

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The RMVB Office receives many inquiries regarding when the seasonal water system will be turned on. Spring can be very slow to arrive in Manitoba and temperatures may remain below normal. Ice crystals begin to form at 39°F (4°C) causing water to turn to slush. It will freeze solid at 32° F (0 C). Extensive damage to public and private property could occur if water freezes in our above-ground water lines. We do our best to have water running through the lines by the May Long Weekend however we will not risk the expense and damage that will occur should the temperatures not be warm enough to ensure that the water will not freeze. Please check our website for further updates closer to the May Long Weekend.

Water distributed from the Victoria Beach Water Treatment Plant and from the Albert Beach Pump House is potable. Both water systems distribute water seasonally from mid-May to Thanksgiving. Water from our treatment plants is tested prior to public useage and a minimum of every 2 weeks while in operation. WATER FROM ANY EXISTING PUBLIC WELLS IS NOT POTABLE AND IS NOT TO BE CONSUMED. Residential water lines should be disconnected from the Municipality’s main line after Thanksgiving.

Please notify Public Works at 204-756-2286 during regular working hours or at 204-756-2568 after-hours or for emergencies regarding any leaks or connection malfunctions. Please practice water conservation at all times. We encourage you to slow the flow and when possible to consider installing low flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, installing rain barrels and keeping lawn watering to a minimum. We also strongly encourage the purchase and use of environmentally-friendly and lake-friendly cleaning products.