RMVB Police Board

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Manitoba’s Police Services Act requires that each municipality operating a police service, establish a police board to oversee its operations.  The Police Services Act was introduced to modernize police governance and oversight in the province and it replaces the antiquated Provincial Police Act. The requirement for Police Boards to oversee the operations of police services represents best practices in Canadian law enforcement, no matter the size of police services.

The Police Board for the RM of Victoria Beach are: Mike Bartmanovich (Chair), Andrew Smith, Irwin Kumka, Liz Murray, and Tim Flook. 

The purpose of the Police Board is to provide civilian control over law enforcement, the maintenance of public peace and crime prevention in the municipality. The Police Board provides administrative and strategic direction and the organization necessary to provide an adequate, effective police force within the municipality. The Police Board works with the Police Chief to establish annual budgets, priorities, and objectives that reflect the needs and values of our community. The Police Board establishes policies for the effective management of the police service and the Board acts as a liaison between the community and the police service. The Police Board has a duty to ensure that police services are delivered in a manner consistent with the needs, values and expectations of the community of Victoria Beach.

The Police Board does not give orders or direction to any police officer on specific operational decisions, investigations or the day-to-day operation of the police service.

The Police Board holds quarterly public meetings annually. Meeting times may vary depending on Board members availability.