Welcome new residents

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The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach will be a well-planned, thriving community that, as a leader in environmental stewardship and community life, maintains and conserves natural spaces for future generations. The municipality will continue to strive for a better quality of life that is reflected in its vibrant history, unique sense of place and distinct natural setting.

Historical Context

The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach has developed due primarily to the desires of many people to create a particular quality of summer and permanent living environment. The physical and social patterns of the area have developed as a result of a close understanding between area residents.

Developing Character

The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach is known for its natural beauty, its tranquility and its heritage. When the Kennedy brothers formed The Victoria Beach Company in 1897, they envisioned the resort as a one-of-a-kind community. In its early days, the company only sold land to those committed to maintaining the family values and traditions of Victoria Beach. With new generations and increasing numbers of first-time residents, the municipality continues to find new ways to share its traditions while creating new ones together. The long-held desire to preserve its unique character amid change will guide decision making and ensure a legacy as a family-oriented resort destination for all ages.