Water Treatment & Testing

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Victoria Beach Water Treatment Plant and the Albert Beach Pump House

When the water system is turned on in May, there is an immediate two-day boil water advisory in place until the water is tested and we receive the results. It may take a few days to receive these initial results because other treatment plants in the province are also going through their start-up procedures. ODW would immediately issue a boil water advisory if the result comes back as a failure, and it would continue until it passes twice within 24 hours. The testing process throughout the summer is as follows:


•    Water is checked every day including weekends

•    Private water systems in the area that are not under our jurisdiction are not included

•    Tests include chlorine, turbidity, PH, and chemicals are adjusted to meet standards

•    This does not affect quality of water

•    Visual daily test for algae and if algae is visible, micro-cystin tests are completed

•    All standards are adhered to daily


•    As per RMVB license, water must be tested bi-weekly and submitted to ALS

•    The sample taps for water testing are at the following locations:

1.    Water Treatment Plant

2.    Hampton Road

3.    David Road

4.    Fire hall

5.    Albert Beach Pumphouse

6.    Rue Girard

•    ODW advises of boil water advisories

Operator in Charge, RMVB

Victoria Beach WTP and Albert Beach Pump House