Shoreline Advisory Committee

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Goals of Committee – Shoreline and Beach Management

The main goal of the Victoria Beach Shoreline and Beach Management Advisory Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to Council on issues relating to the shorelines and beaches in the Victoria Beach Municipality. This Committee will support the municipality’s goal of providing responsible shoreline management which is inclusive to both beach preservation and thoughtful, reasonable, shoreline and property protection. The main factors to be considered with any shoreline management solution shall be:

1.    Applicable laws and rights

2.    Beach Preservation

3.    Shoreline Erosion/Private Property protection

4.    Environmental Impact

5.    Aesthetics

6.    Affordability/Feasibility


The Committee shall work to implement solutions for issues for shoreline management. The Committee will also review any proposals referred by Council and prepare a set of considerations to assist Council decisions.

Click here for full Terms of Reference for the Shoreline Advisory Committee